Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Aries!

Birthday greetings to our strong and competitive adversary (or lover!), the awesome Aries!

Ruled by Mars, Aries are naturally full of energy, and love being "first" in everything.  Aries people tend to be strong and physically robust; they love a challenge in any form.  Whether it's a physically competitive sport or a bracing game of chess, the Aries can't resist jumping in to play! Independence and a pioneering spirit comes naturally to the Aries.  At times, people may find that Aries enthusiasm annoying, but rest assured, there is seldom malice behind it.  Aries are also pretty bad liars, so they tend to be honest and forthright; they also trust other people to do the same.  They are just high-energy performers, and they expect the best from themselves as much as they do from others.  An Aries can inspire others with their natural vibrance and their interest in people around them.

These are the pioneers of the zodiac!  With an Aries by your side, you've got an exciting and awesome friend in your life. :)

Happy Birthday, Aries friends!  We love you!

P. S.  I made some cute birthday images of each zodiac sign... keep checking back all year for more!  I hope that you enjoy these!  They're licensed under "Creative Commons" (non-commercial only) so feel free to share them and use them for personal stuff on Facebook, Myspace, or wherever you like to network with your friends.  Have fun!

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